The story

Lavorwash was founded in 1975 by entrepreneur Giancarlo Lanfredi. The business began in Suzzara (Mantua) with the manufacture of pressure washers and air compressors. Over time, the owner's enormous determination and commitment have brought the firm to its current position as a sector leader in Italy and internationally, offering a wide and diverse product range which encompasses every aspect of cleaning, from household pressure washers and vacuum cleaners to the professional range of pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, wet & dry systems, sweepers, steam cleaners and floor polishers.  Today Lavorwash employs over 300 staff and has around 200 associates, with branches in several countries around the world such as France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Brasil and China.  Lavorwash has production facilities in Italy and abroad, specifically: within Italy, in Pegognaga (MN) for the manufacture of pressure washers and appliances for indoor applications and industrial and professional cleaning systems; in Milan for the production of household vacuum cleaners; in Brasil for the manufacture of pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for the South American market; in China for household pressure washers.