Work in the world


The Pegognaga base, which covers an area of more than 100,000 sq.m., including 30,000 sq.m. of manufacturing plant, forms the heart of LAVORWASH activities, both strategically and in terms of production and marketing.


Established to ensure more comprehensive management of strategically important markets, the subsidiaries are an essential part of the Lavorwash group's structure.


LAVORWASH FRANCE, located in Paris, is one of the group's first foreign branches, and has been in operation almost twenty years.  The slimline organisation is focused on sales, with a strong emphasis on products for domestic use.


LAVORWASH IBERICA is based in Tarragona. Launched in the noughties, the company is tackling the difficult economic situation in Spain dynamically and proactively, with a widespread sales network covering the entire country, a comprehensive product range and customised sales methods.


Lavorwash (GB) Limited has been UK based since 1999 and is currently located in St Helens.  The branch has a small, but dedicated friendly team and take pride in LAVOR products and offer excellent customer service.  Its warehouse carries a wide range of stock as the branch supplies most of the Lavor Range and spares to suit.  Although Lavorwash GB also carries out repairs and servicing, they have many dedicated servicing dealers around the country ease the demands of our customers and are always looking for new dealers.


The need for a Polish branch is a recent development, arising from the rapid and substantial growth which the Eastern European markets are experiencing. LAVORWASH POLSKA is a concrete response to this fast-developing market.