Dear Readers,

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all those who visit the information pages of LAVORWASH, world leading company.

We have always tried to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs giving quality customized products.

I am proud to say that since our creation, which took place in 1975, we have made quality our principle and our way to manage day to day business, always with high ethical principles and maximum dedication, proud to serve clients who have confirmed their trust for almost 40 years.

The company has expanded remarkably and its staff is now over 300 people, but we have always remained loyal to our principles and our business methods, with dedication, loyalty in our relationships, passion for our work, a keen drive to innovate and continuous improvement: all of this is a fundamental part of the professional know-how of any person who works in our company.

Success stimulates us continuously, we have innovative projects that we are gradually implementing with our usual tenacity in order for LAVORWASH to remain a reliable and winning reality.